Component Asset Register

ONE's Component Asset Register is the Integrity Backbone.

Each Asset - which is a physical site - has its own independent component asset register. Standard templates and terminology ensure common references and reporting across the entire organisation.

This module is a highly functional replacement for the many spreadsheets which may be in use by integrity engineers onshore and offshore to assist with their daily work. ONE may also be used to replace complex older systems which may not provide the ease of operation and flexibility built into ONE.

After consulting with many asset integrity professionals about their ideal Component Register, they requested a modern and flexible alternative to their legacy systems. Key to the module is a system of rapidly configurable attributes and equipment templating, defined by each client. This enables large or small changes without any time delay or, bespoke software development.

ONE’s Component Asset Register was built to enable key functions foremost, reducing complexity and simplifying operations. When delivering ONE, the Component Asset register is implemented and configured to meet your company requirements at every level.