Risk Based Assessment (RBA/RBI)

Manages RBAs in a way that is unique to your workflow.
ONE’s flexible RBA module enables a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods.

This module enables per client methodology to record your judgement, producing internal and external inspection frequencies based upon the risk factors calculated from your inputs. Used on corrosion circuits, pipework and pressure vessels, structural or any other equipment type.

Integrity threats are associated as templates to each component equipment type, to mirror your organisations process. Each threat is ranked by Susceptibility and Consequence, with required Mitigation inputs. The risk is calculated by using ‘worst case’ and output through copies of your internal and external risk matrix settings. This risk is then referred against your integrity confidence value to generate the inspection frequencies.

Supporting documentation and images can be stored inside each RBA. The RBA ‘task’ is then set to be due for review according to the agreed inspection frequency due date. RBAs can be superseded to enable history tracking and review of previous decisions and documentation, without re-input of the data each time. ONE RBA is a completely configurable module, which is implemented to suit your requirements.