Asset Integrity for Offshore and Onshore Wind

Managing a farm of wind turbines offshore or onshore, in difficult to reach or easily maintain locations, is one of the challenges facing the Renewables industry. Having many turbines the same may be beneficial, but each and every unit has it’s own set of problems which have to be risk assessed and tracked, from the tip of a blade, through the nacelle down to the foundation. Each non-conformation should be tracked, assessed and mitigated, while providing transparency on the overall system.

By implementing ONE – Asset Integrity Management Software from the initial Risk Assessment on each key piece of equipment and infrastructure, to capturing, recording and analysing ongoing Inspection data and maintenance tasks, ONE reduces the overall cost of Asset Integrity.

Decommissioning with Asset Integrity Software

Decommissioning (DECOM) offshore platforms and facilities can be a complex, cost-intensive process with potential for huge or unplanned challenges. Scheduling and optimizing each of the DECOM stages, in addition to tracking the status of each of the remaining operating equipment on the facility requires a centralised solution.

With ONE – Asset Integrity Management Software, this can be used to manage your life-life Asset through the entire DECOM process.

Building upon the Component Hierarchy for the Asset within ONE, the planning and scheduling of the activities required during the decommissioning process can be planned and executed with complete transparency.

As ONE supports all equipment types, it can be used across all disciplines including pressure systems, cranes, structural all the way through to subsea equipment and tie-backs. There is no need to have multiple different decommissioning software solutions for each discipline.

IQ Integrity will be demonstrating ONE – DECOM , at stand 2K40 during Offshore Europe in Aberdeen, Sept 5th – 8th 2023.

If you’d like to discuss any decommissioning requirements please contact us, by clicking here.

ONE vers.7 showcase at Offshore Europe 23

Our design team have spent the last 6 months redesigning the interface for ONE. We plan to launch the new interface as part of our next major product release – ONE v7.

During August & September 2023, we’ll be showcasing the new designs to existing clients to get their initial feedback to allow the further refinement of ONE v7 during Q4 2023 and onward into 2024. We’ll be publicly launching ONE – Asset Integrity Management Software – v7 at Offshore Europe 2023 in Aberdeen, from 5th to 8th September.

Visit our Pod within Hall 2, 2K40, to discuss your requirements and experience a live demo of ONE v7.