Mobile ONE

Mobile ONE allows Energy companies to send and record Inspection Task data on a tablet.

Extending IQ Integrity’s industry standard ONE application, we’ve developed Mobile ONE, allowing the integration of tasks and data between mobile users and the web based version of ONE.

Tasks that are available within ONE, including Inspection and Maintenance tasks, can be sent in ‘real-time’ or days / weeks in advance, to either an individual user or a group of mobile users. Sending tasks in advance is useful for teams working on campaigns and during routine inspection and maintenance work.

Mobile ONE - available on ATEX intrinsically safe devices

Bringing efficiencies to mobile users

Once the task has been received by the mobile device, the user can complete the task, either online or offline.

Features of Mobile ONE include:

  • Seamless integration with ONE. Reduces double handling of data “record in the field”
  • Capture photos and videos, adding descriptions at time of creation
  • Creating tasks ‘on-the-fly’ – allowing the user to record information that wasn’t previously anticipated
  • Annotating documents or pictures on the device
    example 1: marking up ISO / P&ID diagrams;
    example 2: illustrating anomalies on components from a photo that was taken on the device
  • Live data received directly into ONE, reduces writing up reports, and formatting paper-based documents
  • Live reporting providing on completed tasks, provides real time visibility of data received
  • PDF documents generated ‘on-the-fly’ for completed tasks, including embedded images

Anticipated time-savings will be at least 25% based upon like-for-like paper form completion. This significant time saving can reduce facility downtime, due to the increase in speed in recording, sharing and reporting on this information.

For a demo of Mobile ONE, or further information, get in touch via our Contact page.

Technical Information

During Q3 of 2019, existing ONE clients Beta-tested the Mobile ONE on offshore platforms, within the UK North Sea.

Mobile ONE App runs on any Android based device running Android 6.x and above.

Following the Go-Live launch of the Mobile ONE app in 2020, it is now in use on over 10 UK North Sea Assets, for daily inspections and tracking anomaly management.

We currently recommend using an ATEX rated tablet, such as the iSafe MOBILE devices., which provides a large clear screen to use when wearing PPE, as well as being robust for onshore and offshore activities.